As a car manufacturer, it's best to have something in your range to suit every taste. So the little 208 becomes the little 2008. It looks as if it could take on muddy forest paths, but the all-wheel drive is missing from a real SUV. Compared to the first generation from 2013, the second generation, introduced in 2020 and revised in 2022, has grown significantly. It is now 4.30 meters long.

Lots of space on all sides

The retouching is limited on the outside, but a new dimension awaits you on the inside. The work of art called i-Cockpit spoils with holographic representation. As is now usual with Peugeot, the driver looks at the instrument cluster via a flattened steering wheel.

This is supposed to be practical and is also pretty, but the i-Cockpit cannot be grabbed and taken with you using the handles on both sides. The equipment is of the finest quality, there is material with a carbon look, adjustable ambient lighting, seats with good lateral support and plenty of space on all sides. This also applies to the back seat. However, due to the high belt line, the rear appears oppressive.

The row of switches under the touchscreen looks like bitten off shark teeth, and despite the physical buttons there is no joy in operating it. Particularly annoying: To switch off the sluggish automatic start-stop system, you have to fumble your way through the menu again and again. The impractical thick additional lever on the steering wheel for the cruise control and the ventilation nozzles also deserves criticism.

He just swallows more

When driving, the 2008 feels comfortable and safe, but slightly nervous at higher speeds. The eight-speed automatic does its job well, but the three-cylinder with 130 hp (96 kW) from just 1.2 liters of displacement runs rough and growly like a diesel. It just swallows more, we got a minimum of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers, on average it was 7.4. The performance is always sufficient, which we do not assume from the weaker version with 100 hp; there is no longer a version with 155 hp.

The 2008 is available as an electric car, and a mild hybrid with 136 hp has recently been added to the range. It is more economical and recommended, especially since it hardly costs any more. The test car in the higher Allure equipment variant came to almost 35,000 euros including some extras for 2650 euros.