At car presentations, things are rarely stacked low. So it's no surprise that Suzuki is praising its refreshed Swift, the fourth or seventh generation, depending on how you count it, talking about its breathtaking design and acting as if it had reinvented the small car. Waku-waku is the new car, that's Japanese and means something like inspiring.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” department.

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    Yes, it's being exaggerated again, but it's remarkable that there is still a manufacturer that is bringing a modern small car onto the market while others are leaving the segment.

    The price makes you sit up and take notice. Despite the fresh design, new engine and much better basic equipment, due to the EU regulations regarding assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control or traffic sign recognition that come into effect in July, the base price of 18,900 euros is only 760 euros higher than the old Swift. There are three equipment lines; in the top model Comfort+ all four wheels can even be driven, for 22,900 euros.

    The new engine is particularly economical

    Otherwise, the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, which is mildly hybridized, takes care of the front axle. 82 hp are offered, which ensures sufficient progress. There is no other engine available. It is kept alive by a manual five-speed gearbox that shifts easily. If you think you've forgotten how to do it, you can order an automatic for an extra 1,600 euros, but not in combination with 4×4.

    The new engine is particularly economical; according to WLTP, the Swift needs between 4.4 and 4.9 liters of super per 100 kilometers, depending on the rim size and equipment. On our first test drives on flat French country roads - 80 km/h speed limit - we actually got 4.4 liters according to the on-board computer.

    It's true that everything is waku-waku, but when viewed in light, all that's offered is a routinely designed interior with classic, analogue instruments, flanked by a 9-inch touchscreen. You can like that, and also the fact that there is still a classic handbrake. The space of the 3.83 meter long Swift is appropriate for its class, the trunk has a capacity of 265 liters. Orders can already be placed and the first cars will arrive at dealers at the end of April. Suzuki has announced an electric car for 2025.