Russia has begun producing lithium-ion batteries that were developed for use in Russian electric locomotives after successfully passing all tests.

TASS quoted a source in the battery manufacturer, Technopark, as saying: “The technical committee that supervised the tests indicated that Russian-made lithium-ion batteries agree on all previously announced technical specifications, and therefore recommended starting their serial industrial production.”

She pointed out that “the battery capacity reached 288 ampere-hours, and the useful energy capacity is 200 kilowatt-hours. Its service life can reach 10 years, depending on the conditions of its investment. It is also characterized by its resistance to frost, as batteries of this type can operate at temperatures that... Up to 40 degrees Celsius below zero.

She added: The electric locomotive can be charged from the external electrical circuit or from the internal energy storage device on board, and there is no need for special infrastructure to charge the locomotive.

The energy storage device allows the electric train weighing 2,000 tons to be transported to a distance of 14 kilometers without charging the locomotive from the external electrical circuit. As for the locomotive alone, without wagons, it can travel a distance of 100 kilometers.

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