Elon Musk

has revealed that the latest version of his startup's AI model,


, will be rolled out to X users starting next week.

“Grok 2 should outperform current AI on all metrics,” Musk wrote on social media.

 xAI, his startup that focused on AI, announced a major update to Grok with overall improvements in various parameters such as reasoning, capacity and context understanding. This version, the company claims, will be better than





Alphabet Inc


Google Gemini

. ,

Claude 3




Mistral Large


xAI has also made

Grok open source

and this could allow the startup to attract significant funding, and could also secure the data needed to improve its technology, directly challenging OpenAI. 

Musk had initiated legal action accusing OpenAI of having developed an artificial intelligence that should have improved the lives of all humanity and of having sold it to Microsoft, betraying the initial mission, so now the most discussed entrepreneur in the tech world launches his challenge for a more open artificial intelligence.

Musk's accusation is that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman violated OpenAI's "founding agreement" drawn up with the contribution of Musk himself, which stated that the company would be committed to developing Artificial General Intelligence (Agi ) openly and "for the benefit of humanity".