Fast, very fast and (maybe)

even too fast.

A few days after the news of the first patient experimenting with the


brain implant ,

Elon Musk adds a further result to the project of the company he heads

. The announcement of the first implant on a human being dates back to January 30th, then the mouse driven "with thought", now: we start posting on social media, with

a few lines driven by a paraplegic boy with his mind on "X".

The post on social media "with the mind"

Over the weekend,

Noland Arbaugh, the 29-year-old quadriplegic due to an accident

, managed to share a post on social media using only his mind.

In the beginning it was a game of chess

The Neuralink implant had allowed


to play chess, immortalized in a video later released online. "

Twitter banned me because they thought I was a bot, but then Elon Musk reinstated me, because I actually am one,

" joked the young man, writing

each message with the help of the chip

that sends signals from the brain to a connected computer. 



Musk's tweet and "reaction"



reacted to Arbaugh's tweet, celebrating it as the "first post ever made just by thinking, using the

Neuralink Telepathy device


This is the second update on what the initiative aims to achieve,

namely a better living condition for people who, for various reasons, are unable to move one or several parts of the body.

The video that shocked the world (and now surpassed)

On March 21, Neuralink live streamed a video in which Noland Arbaugh plays chess online, using his mind and moving the cursor on a computer without using physical tools. “I just imagine the cursor moving where I want it,

and the action is performed.” 



For the occasion,

the patient remained online for several hours straight

, returning to play after the diving accident that paralyzed him eight years ago.