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Headed towards the International Space Station

Russia, Soyuz launch with 3 astronauts on board interrupted 20 seconds before departure

Fuel system problems, launch postponed to March 23rd. Also among the crew is the first Belarusian cosmonaut


Video: NASA

The Russian space agency Roscosmos has aborted the launch of the Soyuz spacecraft headed to the International Space Station with three astronauts on board. 

The scheduled launch from the Baikonur base in Kazakhstan was stopped by the automatic safety system 20 seconds before departure. 

The Russian rocket was supposed to carry NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson and colleagues Oleg Novitsky of Roscosmos and Marina Vasilevskaya of Belarus to the International Space Station.

The crew was not in danger and was quickly extracted from the capsule.

The Russian space agency explained that the decision to cancel the launch was determined by a voltage drop in the chemical energy source.