How are you doing in Germany, ask friends who have emigrated far away for a long time.

What do you mean?

The high electricity prices, the migrating or shrinking industry and the precarious situation of the tax-paying middle in times of high inflation?

Or is it about the geopolitical situation when two of four high-ranking Bundeswehr officers dialed into a conversation about deployment options for the Taurus cruise missile via an insecure line?

And these were even Pistorius' “best officers”.

What about national defense?

On Monday, it emerged in the Defense Committee that the officers in question were not even allowed to hold their meeting using the Webex software for confidentiality reasons.

Regular Technology and Motor readers know which applications offer secure end-to-end encryption, and who in the Federal Cabinet repeatedly advocates breaking up secure communication is also widely known.

* * *

Well, mishaps happen everywhere.

Simply close your eyes for a few minutes while working to regain your strength with a power nap: This is what happened to a young man, 28 years old.

He had just become the father of twins a month ago, so it's hard to get any rest at night.

His nap lasted half an hour and took place in the cockpit of an Indonesian Batik Air airliner.

After take-off, the captain had announced that his co-pilot would take a break, but he then nodded away, so that the plane with 153 passengers on board continued on its way unattended.

* * *

It is not known whether the autopilot was switched on.

It is said that the plane went slightly off course.

Autonomous flying?

When the train drivers made the wave again in the week that was coming to a close and called one strike after another, some annoyed passengers asked for more autonomous trains.

They already exist in the S-Bahn and subway systems of many large cities, and Deutsche Bahn is also testing fully automated driving.

Seen this way, Weselsky might want to get back into the ring now, but it is already clear: the train of the future has left for train drivers, and the German army's Webex bugger is also off the table.