When the Royal Huisman Shipyard is involved, the standards often get out of hand.

Same here.

“Project 406” is the working title for one of the Dutch shipyard’s most recent new builds, a fishing boat.

Not a fishing boat in the traditional sense, however.

The Big Fisher measures 52 meters and rises six decks high.

The largest, most luxurious sport fishing boat in the world was built in the superyacht shipyards in Vollenhove and was sailed across inland waters for the final finish before delivery to Amsterdam.

Pulled and pushed by two tugs, the boat slowly made its way on a pontoon towards the North Sea, during the day and in the dark.

Every time the boat builder, located inland, launches something like this, it's a spectacle, with delicate work of centimeters when you have to thread your way through narrow, folded-up bridges on the way.

More than 350 people

The long bow, the high bulwarks and the low-lying, wide aft deck are striking.

The view from the tower at dizzying heights will be spectacular.

The exterior and interior design was done by Vripack Yacht Design, one of the most well-known names in the industry.

As usual with Huisman, the hull was made of Alustar aluminum.

More than 350 people were involved in the construction.

As is almost always the case in such cases, prices and the ship's client are kept confidential.

An experienced yacht owner, it simply means, and a passionate angler to boot.

Probably not someone who bothers with small fish.