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Today the vote in the Chamber

'Keep TikTok,' Americans protest app's potential ban in Washington

The White House: If it reaches his desk, Biden will sign the bill.

The text asks ByteDance, owner of the social network, to sell the app within 180 days or see it banned from the Apple and Google stores in the US



“All our social media platforms need to be treated equally.

And targeting TikTok in this way we believe is dangerous and certainly against freedom of expression." Thus Congressman Robert Garcia of California to protest the bill presented last week by US lawmakers that would give TikTok's Chinese owner , Byte Dance, about six months to divest the app used by 170 million Americans. 

There are other members who speak up to fight the bill.

Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida says, “I am very concerned that our data is collective and is being misused by both foreign adversaries and domestic companies.

But this bill doesn't solve that problem, let's be honest here."