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On a trip from Milan

"They stole our car in Naples": the influencer's video goes viral

Comments against Neapolitans in the post.

She replies: “Thefts happen everywhere”


Her car was stolen in Naples and the video in which she recounts the misadventure has received one and a half million views.

She is Martina Bugliarelli, a Milanese influencer specializing in travel, who during a trip to Naples was the victim of the theft of her rented car.

In the video in question, Martina says that, on her first day in Naples, she parked the car near the Villa Comunale, on the seafront.

After a tour around the city, the young Tiktoker went back to get the vehicle but didn't find it.

The girl wanted to underline that car thefts happen everywhere, too, to stop comments full of stereotypes towards people from Campania.


It happens to anyone and everywhere, in fact I have always considered Naples a safe city unlike Milan, the city in which I live and where I am truly afraid of going out alone

", she explains.