New Delhi-SANA

India succeeded in conducting the first test flight of the locally developed intercontinental missile “Agni-5”, which is characterized by carrying multiple warheads and hitting targets in different locations simultaneously.

The Indian channel NDTV quoted Dr. VK Sarasot, who was involved in developing the missile, as saying: The “Agni-5” missile, which was developed by the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization over a period of ten years, successfully conducted its first flight yesterday, pointing out that its power has been doubled so that it increases the surface area. The radius covered by the weapon.

He added: “MIRV” technology was adopted in its development, as one missile can deploy multiple nuclear warheads and hit targets in different locations simultaneously.

He continued: This will lead to much better results and the number of missiles that will need to be launched in the future against an enemy attack will be less. This is called force multiplication, saying: “It is a great technology in terms of missile technology, control, guidance and accuracy.”

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