OpenAI announced that CEO Sam Altman will return to the company's Board of Directors

, along with three new external members.

The decision comes at the conclusion of an external investigation, commissioned by the company, into the events leading up to the brief departure in late 2023. The company said Altman was unfairly fired. 

The 'new entries' on the Board of Directors are three women:

Sue Desmond-Hellmann

, former CEO of the Bill and


elinda Gates Foundation;

Nicole Seligman

, former executive vice president and general counsel of Sony Corporation;


Fidji Simo

, CEO and president of Instacart.

They join former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who joined soon after the November turmoil. 

We are enthusiastic and unanimous in our support for Sam

,” OpenAI President Bret Taylor said on a conference call with reporters.

On the new entries he explained that "their experience and leadership will allow us to pursue OpenAI's mission, which is to ensure that general artificial intelligence benefits all humanity". 

Quora CEO

Adam D'Angelo is the only survivor of the old board of directors

who made the decision to fire Altman, which was not at all shared by the company's 700 workers.


internal investigation was conducted by the law firm WilmerHale and analyzed more than 30,000 documents


In the summary provided by OpenAI, analyzed by Axios, we read how "the previous Board acted within its broad discretion to fire Mr. Altman", but also found "that his conduct did not warrant removal".

“The previous Board believed at the time that its actions” would help overcome “internal management challenges” but did not foresee “that the existing actions would destabilize the company.”

The Council's previous decision


did not arise from concerns regarding product safety, the pace of development, the state of OpenAI's finances, or its statements to investors, customers or business partners,"

it said.

The decision, therefore, "

was the consequence of a breakdown in the relationship and loss of trust between the previous board of directors and Mr. Altman."

OpenAI confirmed to Axios that it will not reveal anything more about the investigation beyond what is contained in the blog post. 

One of the key choices for the new Board of Directors will now be to understand the possible need to make changes to the current corporate structure

, which sees OpenAI managed as a non-profit organization but with a for-profit 'subsidiary' with several investors, including Microsoft.


valued at over 80 billion dollars in its latest round of financing,

according to what the New York Times writes, is a cutting-edge reality in the field of generative artificial intelligence, technology capable of effectively generating texts, images and sounds to revolutionize the way to create multimedia content and projects.

At the end of 2022 he released ChatGPT, immediately achieving huge global success.