Every day,

Alexa receives millions of questions and requests from customers around the world


Among these, unfortunately, also offenses.

Although far fewer in number than the millions of "I love you", Alexa

also continues to receive many insults

: "You are an idiot", "You are very ugly", "You suck", are just some of those received by Alexa in 2023 in Italy. 


March 8

, on the occasion of

International Women's Day

, Alexa is collaborating with


to help raise awareness as many people as possible about the impact of verbal violence and highlight the risks, lending its voice to spread important educational messages.

Alexa is a voice assistant, but there are many people who suffer

verbal violence

, especially women. 

We talk about verbal violence when

attacks aimed at a person become regular and systematic

When faced with insults, Alexa's virtual emotional state does not change, but for millions of people, especially women, verbal abuse is a very painful reality.

Abuse, in fact, can also take shape through words: the use of aggressive language is in all respects a form of violence that can cause feelings of fear, discomfort and self-distrust.

Not only that, it often precedes or coexists with other forms of violence against women, such as physical, sexual or economic violence. 

Users will be able to listen to information and insights related to this phenomenon by simply saying


Alexa, have your say




in the face of certain insults and offences, Alexa will no longer remain silent, but will respond in kind

, underlining how verbal violence is capable of leaving a profound impact on the health and social life of those who are subjected to it. 


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