Helau and Alaaf, the fools are on the loose! You can celebrate carnival or carnival without any worries, because we Europeans finally have a law that regulates artificial intelligence. The first in the world. Also the only one. So it won't be up to us if machines rule the world in the future and, like ChatGPT, warn us with cold reason: "It's important to pay attention to your personal safety during carnival and to act responsibly." But that would really be a step backwards all the shenanigans people get up to?

Johannes Winterhagen

Editor in the business sector, technology and engine department

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    Dante Lentini, for example, at the tender age of 21, managed to bring the United States Secretary of Transportation and its National Traffic Safety Administration to the fore this week. He published a video on the expelled platform Twitter that shows him behind the wheel of a driving Tesla with autopilot switched on, with Apple's new data glasses on his eyes. Lentini achieved 26 million views within just a few days.

    At least the American is showing the courage to take risks, a virtue that was last propagated by showmaster Wim Thoelke, who died almost 20 years ago. Even without glasses, autonomous driving is considered a high-risk technology - thanks to that oh-egg act. In the old days, as one of the fairy tales that old men tell each other in dark back rooms, things were completely different. German engineers received constant applause when they blessed the world with new technology. Puppy cake! When Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach started the first modern combustion engine in a garden shed, suspicious residents first called the police because of the rattling.

    While the German Michel stirs up distrust of any progress, a 65-year-old Swiss man shows us that belief in a better future through better technology is not a question of age. Bertrand Piccard wants to fly around the world in a hydrogen aircraft in 2028. What a man who is not afraid of the sound of the gas! However, he should fear an overflight over our country, because there is definitely a citizens' initiative that knows how to prevent that. Helau and Alaaf!