Due to the diverse new technical requirements, small cars are having a difficult time on the market. Suzuki, a specialist in haberdashery, believes in the future of the entry-level segment and is giving its bestseller Swift a new look on the previous platform, a brand new engine and, above all, the assistance systems required from July.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” department.

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    From now on, the 3.83 meter short Swift can do everything that was once a luxury: adaptively maintain the speed, recognize traffic signs or crossing traffic, brake itself if necessary, keep an eye on the lane and the blind spot and make sure that the driver doesn't get too tired. There is only no head-up display.

    Jimny is retiring for now

    The engine displacement and its output have remained unchanged: 1.2 liters, 83 hp. But now there are three cylinders instead of four. The maximum torque increases slightly from 107 to 112 Newton meters at 4500 revolutions. With 4.6 liters of fuel consumption according to the standard, the new engine is a lot more economical than the old one.

    The more powerful 1.4-liter engine with 129 hp is being discontinued. It no longer meets emissions standards. That's why Suzuki Germany is also retiring the 3.70-meter knobby Ignis and the small Jimny off-road vehicle. But a comeback is not completely ruled out, says the importer.

    The three-cylinder is the only engine for the Swift, the power is sent to the front wheels, it is shifted manually, five gears have to be enough. As before, a CVT automatic is available as an option. With this the Swift is even 5 km/h faster: 170 km/h is the maximum possible, otherwise it is only 165. If you want all-wheel drive, which is unusual in this class, you have to be content with 160 km/h.

    The new dress suits the seventh Swift since 1983 very well. There is a choice of nine colors, which can also be combined with a gray or black roof. Prices have not yet been determined, we estimate from 20,000 euros.