Power was cut off near Australia and South Asia, as a result of an explosion on the sun that shot energetic particles at speeds of 900,000 miles per hour through space.

The British Daily Mail newspaper reported that the long-lasting flare began the day before yesterday, and the solar storm reached the planet yesterday, and it was reported that the radio and sailors' devices malfunctioned.

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center shows that there is a 45 percent chance of more communications outages in the coming days.

Physicists noted that the explosion represented an “M” class flare, which could cause small “R1” to medium “R2” radio interruptions on the day side of the Earth.

The event affects frequencies used in aviation communications, government time stations, weather stations, amateur radio, and others.

Powerful M-class flares can launch a coronal mass ejection (CIM), which consists of large clouds of plasma and the Sun's magnetic field, which in turn can produce a geomagnetic storm that temporarily disrupts the Earth's magnetosphere and the satellites orbiting around it.

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