GWS 18V-15 PSC, additional biturbo, which makes it nice.

High-speed concept, 11,000 revolutions, ninja level, we learn: The part is ideal for grinding weld seams and cutting metal.

Matching Expert Carbide Multiwheel cutting disc.

Basic device with battery, cables are a hindrance, for 360 euros.

Bosch, additional professional, knows what real men really want.

How do we get an angle grinder?

Well no matter.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engines”.

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    * * *

    Probably because of all the time spent on DIY recently.

    Because, not separate from the table and bed, but from the motor vehicle.

    Which is not the fault of glue activists.

    They don't want to stick to the street anymore, but rather spray soup on the Mona Lisa because of the Louvre, because of the Louvre?

    Because the Louvre is a museum?

    So, the motor vehicle of our reader Manfred S. from B. (full name known to the editors) from a Czech quality manufacturer has not had a TÜV sticker since October because the control unit for the emergency call is on strike as exemplary as the train.

    After just one month he was able to get his car out of the workshop.

    Without emergency call.

    Without TUV.

    The tiny gap in the supply of parts is understandable, trade and industry cannot keep everything in stock, just in time, we know that. The turn of the year is over in a flash, January too, spring is coming outside, it's wonderful to ride a bike.

    The manufacturer is now asking for the chassis number so that he can determine the part number, that's a solution-oriented solution, he'll call again next week, definitely.

    Don't be in a hurry: If the repair doesn't happen by 2035, customer S. would then switch directly to an electric car. The man doesn't hold grudges, he just wants planning security.

    * * *

    Planning security is another thing.

    Politicians have carefully considered the separation from the combustion engine, but the customer, this ungrateful creature, simply doesn't go along with it.

    In many places, electric cars are like lead, Renault reports a short circuit in the IPO of its battery subsidiary.

    Market economics is really annoying.

    * * *

    Like speed traps.

    In Italy the Fleximan is going around, a stranger (or she?) is sawing down speed cameras.

    By the dozen.

    With a cut-off machine.

    Which is to be disapproved of, deeply.