The ambassadors of the EU member states have unanimously approved the agreement reached less than two months ago between the Council and the EU Parliament on the rules on artificial intelligence.

The full text will then have to pass to the final votes of the Council and Parliament.

 The European Union will have the first law in the world that comprehensively addresses the development of the sector.

The aim of the legislation is to ensure that AI protects fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability, while stimulating innovation and making Europe a leader in the sector.

Negotiators agreed on a series of safeguards and narrow exceptions for the use of biometric identification (RBI) systems in publicly accessible spaces for law enforcement purposes, subject to judicial authorization and for strictly defined lists of crimes.

This is what we read in a note from the European Parliament which explains that the "post-remote" RBI would be used exclusively for the targeted search of a person convicted or suspected of having committed a serious crime.