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Other Worlds - What we talk about when we talk about Kojima

With an interview with Baldur's Gate 3 Senior Writer, Adrienne Law


Dario Marchetti

This week at Altri Mondi we start from the news of the State of Play, a digital PlayStation event which among the many new features showed two new games by Hideo Kojima.

Starting with Death Stranding 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the masterpiece released in 2019, always exclusively by Sony: a new world to explore, new characters and new appearances by movie stars, including directors such as George Miller and Fatih Akin.

And then Physint, a title still shrouded in mystery but which will return to the stealth action that Kojima actually created with Metal Gear Solid and which, the author promises, will further thin the video game-cinema boundary.

Our gaming expert Lorenzo Fantoni talks to us about this Japanese cult figure.

And then the interview with Adrienne Law, author of Larian Studios who tells us behind the scenes of the game of the year 2023, between fantasy, reality and players' freedom of choice.

In closing, with Mattia Pianezzi, we see why so many games, like BG3, have adopted the Dungeons & Dragons rules as the foundation of their gameplay.

Altri Mondi is the column edited by Dario Marchetti who explores the videogame multiverse (and beyond) every week on RaiNews24, and RaiPlay.