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Becoming champions, the mental coach of athletes: "I'll reveal the secrets to success"

Nicoletta Romanazzi trains the heads and hearts of sports professionals and reveals: "Discipline is not enough, for success you need to bring out the emotions"


Mariavittoria Savini






 are inextricably linked in life as in sporting performance.

Often we work a lot on physical training and forget

mental preparation

, the

ability to build a goal


And it is precisely there that we need to start, from the


: the mind and the heart are the key to success, even in sports.

This is assured by

Nicoletta Romanazzi

, mental coach and author of the book "The challenge of emotions". 

Knowing and being able to make the best use of one's resources and being able to effectively overcome difficult moments are essential elements for achieving any



On the testimonies of two athletes, professionals at the highest levels,

Martina Arduino

, prima ballerina of the Teatro alla Scala and

Mattia Perin

, goalkeeper of Juventus.