In Italy the artificial intelligence market is growing significantly.

In 2023 it marks a +52% reaching a value of 760 million euros.

In 10 years' time, new machine capabilities could do the work of 3.8 million people.

Six out of 10 large Italian companies have already started some projects.

These are the results of research from the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, presented today.

"The market is growing rapidly - says Giovanni Miragliotta, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Observatory - When evaluating the real impact on work we must take into consideration the demographic forecasts which, due to the aging of the population, project a gap of 5.6 million equivalent jobs by 2033. From this perspective, the possible automation of 3.8 million equivalent jobs appears almost a necessity to rebalance an enormous problem that is being created, rather than a risk".

According to the research, the majority of investments in our country concern text analysis and interpretation solutions for semantic search, classification, synthesis and explanation of documents or traditional conversational agents, while generative AI projects are still limited to 5%.

As many as 77% of Italians (+4% on 2022) look at Artificial Intelligence with fear, especially in relation to the possible impacts on the world of work.

However, only 17% are strongly against the entry of AI into professional activities. 

In 2023, almost all Italians (98%) have heard of artificial intelligence, and more than one Italian in four (29%) has a medium-high knowledge of it.

Three out of four Italians have heard of ChatGpt but only 57% know the term Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Finally, one Italian in four claims to have interacted at least once with the OpenAI chatbot.