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The Japanese SLIM module has "awakened": here is the first (enigmatic) photo from the Moon

Space Agency JAXA's announcement about X with an image of a rock dubbed “Toy Poodle”



The Japanese slim lunar module, which on January 20 carried out a precision moon landing just 55 meters from the intended target, has "resumed its operations".

This was announced by the

Japanese space agency JAXA,

explaining that electricity on board was restored on Sunday: "Last night we managed to establish communication with SLIM and resumed operations. We immediately began

scientific observations"

, it wrote




Last Thursday, after days of trepidation about the possible consequences of a moon landing that turned out to be anything but smooth due to the main thruster losing power 50 meters above the ground, JAXA sent the first images from the Moon taken by the equipped rovers of cameras on board the module.

In one of these you can see SLIM apparently intact but upside down on the surface of our satellite.

Japanese engineers had decided to shut down the probe, which was left with 12% of energy remaining due to power problems caused by the orientation of the solar panels.

A deactivation necessary to hope to be able to continue the mission, waiting for a possible recharge

when the sun exposure would change


With SLIM's moon landing,

the most precise ever compared to previous missions

which experts place several kilometers from the target chosen before launch, Japan has entered

the select club

of nations capable of successfully bringing a spacecraft to the Moon , alongside the United States, the Soviet Union, China and India.