Models S,

We are talking about 200 thousand vehicles, specifies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa).

According to the body, the automaker has released a free software update over the air (OTA) to address the issue.

As of January 22, Tesla had identified 81 warranty claims that may be related to the condition in question.

The Tesla Model Y was also the best-selling car in the world in 2023

: 385,900 units were sold in the USA, 456,394 units in China and 254,822 units sold in Europe for a total of 1.23 million. 

Already two months ago Elon Musk's company had recalled almost all of its vehicles in the United States to install new protections in its advanced Autopilot driver assistance system.   

Yesterday, Tesla shares fell 13.2% to 180.38

, with Elon Musk losing $18.8 billion in one fell swoop.

This was all caused by the fourth quarter earnings release released the day before. 

The turnover of the last quarter was equal to 25.17 billion dollars, while the estimates spoke of 25.87 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Musk is relaunching the new 'Redwood' project, i.e. the new low-cost model which could arrive in mid-2025 and cost perhaps 25 thousand dollars in the basic version.

“The company is very advanced,” said the tycoon, and we will also create a “revolutionary manufacturing system”.

This is why there is talk of new factories in Texas.