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Altri Mondi - The discreet charm of Palworld

Featuring an interview with the co-creator of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


Dario Marchetti

This week at Altri Mondi we start from the problem of layoffs in the sector, which in 2024 seems to continue even more heavily than in the past year.

We talked about it with Matteo Sciutteri, game designer and author of the article "The storm of video games", which caused a lot of discussion and reflection.

With Lorenzo Fantoni we explore the reasons for the success of Palworld, presented as a "Pokémon but with weapons", a title that recorded record sales in the space of a few days.

What's behind what appears to be banal plagiarism?

In closing, with Noah Falstein, one of the minds behind Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis, one of the most beloved 90s point and click games of all time, we talk about the trailer of the new game dedicated to Indy, arriving in 2024. While with the images by Mattia Pianezzi we retrace the videogame successes and flops of the archaeologist played by Harrison Ford.

Altri Mondi is the column edited by Dario Marchetti who explores the videogame multiverse (and beyond) every week on RaiNews24, and RaiPlay.