After the numerous incidents encountered by the Boeing 737 Max, the famous flight comparator Kayak modified one of these filters.

Users can now avoid flights provided by this device during a search, spotted

The Verge

in an article relayed by BFMTV.

Previously, the filter grouped the 737 Max 9 and the 737 Max 8.

In 2018 and 2019, this Boeing model was involved in two fatal crashes which left a total of 346 dead.

At the beginning of January, in the United States, a 737 Max 9 from Alaska Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Portland because a door came off in mid-flight.

On January 17, American Secretary of State Antony Blinken and all passengers on a Boeing 737 had to disembark before takeoff due to an oxygen leak.

Increasingly wary travelers

All these incidents have reinforced travelers' distrust of this model.

This is why the Kayak site decided to set up this filter which is available in France.

It appears when searching in the left column.

Simply click on the “Model” category and uncheck the model you do not want to travel with.

This tool may not be useful for a while since the 737 Max 9s are currently grounded.

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