• The French firm Invoxia has just launched its new GPS tracker, the GPS Tracker Pro.

  • Sold for 99 euros and with a subscription, the small device allows you to locate objects, vehicles and people in real time and within a few meters.

  • More precise than its predecessor, it now relies on the 4G LTE-M network and can operate internationally.

With its new GPS Tracker Pro, the French firm Invoxia now offers real-time remote tracking of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, valuable objects, but also people.

20 Minutes

was able to use it for several weeks and check its accuracy.

So, practical and not fake?

  • What does this new model bring?

This new tracker is announced as being more precise than its predecessor, because it now uses the 4G LTE-M network (a communication protocol which allows connected objects to transmit information over long distances).

Furthermore, it can also operate internationally.

The old generation GPS Tracker is still on sale (79 euros), but relies on the French Lora and Sigfox networks, with less precision.

  • What does it look like ?

Aesthetically, the GPS Tracker Pro is the exact replica of the GPS Tracker.

It measures 10.5 x 2.7 x 1 cm and weighs 30 grams.

It has a small leather strap to hang it anywhere and recharges via micro-USB.

It's a shame that Invoxia does not adopt USB-C here, which is now the standard.

Its autonomy is announced for up to 3 months.

  • How it works ?

Once in use, the GPS Tracker Pro works with an application (Invoxia GPS).

This allows the small beacon to be geolocated at any time with extreme precision, of the order of 1 or 2 meters, but also to follow the history of the path it has traveled.

A function called

Real-Time Boost

allows you to optimize


with effective positioning every 30 seconds (which will, however, affect battery life).

We can imagine that it is very relevant if you have just had an object stolen and you want to track its movements.

The application also alerts the owner of the beacon with an immediate notification as soon as it starts moving, but also as soon as it changes inclination.

From then on, it is possible to see where the beacon is located, the object or the person to which it is attached.

  • Um... the person?

Yes, that's a possibility.

Obviously, needless to say that placing the GPS Tracker Pro at the bottom of your partner's bag or in your partner's car to track her or him and spy on his movements is not possible and it's very ugly.

However, we can imagine the small tracker accompanying, with their consent, an elderly person in order to reassure their loved ones.

Or a child.

A function allows you to be automatically alerted as soon as the beacon leaves a defined area.

This can be drawn quite finely on the map displayed on the screen of your smartphone, with an area ranging from a few meters to several kilometers.

For example, it is possible to perfectly supervise the journey between a child's home and school.

  • Is it reliable?

Yes very !

During our tests which were spread over three weeks, we were able to perfectly understand the responsiveness of the


which, sometimes placed in a bag, a car or on a bicycle, never failed in its task.

Its waterproofness is also an asset.

  • Is it expensive?

At 99 euros, relatively, yes.

Especially since after the first 200 days of use, subscribing to a subscription is required: 29.95 euros (6 months);

49.95 euros (1 year);

79.90 euros (2 years).

Competing tags, such as Apple's AirTag (39 euros), or Samsung's GalaxySmartTag 2 (39.90 euros) do not require a subscription.

  • So, practical and not fake?

Very practical, yes, and in no way fake!

Still, you have to be very vigilant about the battery life of the little appendage, to be monitored like milk on fire.

Announced for up to 3 months, it can vary considerably (to reach only a few days!) depending on the number of trips, the quality of the network that the device will use, or even the frequency of the positions that we select in application (from “Every 2 to 4 minutes” to “Every 30 to 32 minutes”).

Another downside: as small as this


is , it may still not necessarily be easy to hide, especially on a bike where there are not many “hides”…

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