• As coffee lovers, the French are increasingly opting for coffee makers with integrated grinders to make their drinks.
  • They are more expensive to buy than capsule or pod machines, but they pay for themselves quickly given the lower cost of coffee beans.
  • They also have the advantage of zero residual waste in each cup, except for coffee that can be composted.

Filter coffee maker, capsule coffee maker or pod coffee maker? Unless you don't make any concessions on the flavor of your nectar and prefer to grind your coffee yourself to reveal its richness and aromas? Since 2020 and the various lockdowns due to Covid-19, but also in the face of the explosion of teleworking, the French are increasingly in favour of automatic coffee machines with integrated grinders. Their sales are said to have increased fivefold in five years. Ground coffee, tasty coffee?

First of all, it's a question of comfort: these machines can be used to make custom-made coffees. Then it's a question of budget: more expensive to buy than capsule coffee makers, those with integrated grinders are nevertheless quickly amortized. With them, a coffee costs between 10 and 20 cents (as for pods), while a capsule coffee costs between 30 and 60 cents. Last but not least, there is an environmental issue: there is no waste to report with each drink, the ground coffee can be recycled in the plants in the apartment or in a composter. 20 Minutes plays the barista and offers you its selection to grind black.

To grind without breaking the bank: CM6-1-5ST, by AEG

A coffee maker with a grinder at a low price? Yes, it exists! This entry-level model is only slightly more expensive than a good conventional drip coffee maker. And don't disappoint.

AEG's CM6-1-5ST offers three grind sizes (fine, medium, coarse) with the added option of selecting a "flavour" function that reduces the brewing speed. The aim is for the ground coffee to give off even more flavours. Finally, a timer uses the LCD screen on the front to program the time at which the coffee will be launched, up to 24 hours in advance. Early risers will appreciate it! 139 euros.

Our opinion: Here, there is no espresso on the menu, but filtered coffee and the possibility of making up to ten cups of freshly ground coffee. Coffee that can stay hot for forty minutes before the device goes to sleep. Definitely recommended for a small office or for telecommuting.

Grind Before Brewing: Artisan, by KitchenAid

Do you find coffee makers with built-in grinders too bulky? And don't feel like replacing your coffee maker that still works well? The KitchenAid Artisan Coffee Grinder is only 15 cm wide and will allow you to exhale the bouquet of your favourite coffees by grinding the exact volume of beans you need at any given moment.

For a large volume of coffee or for a simple espresso, the device adapts: simply insert the supplied container or the portafilter (54 or 58 mm) into its base. Select the size of your grind, its grinding time, and its precise dosage: no less than 70 settings are possible, to adjust its screen. 249 euros.

Our opinion: The good idea of Kitchen Aid is to offer a universal grinder, which can appeal to coffee fans who have a coffee maker with a paper filter or with a filter holder. The appliance can thus be the perfect complement for a coffee maker of the brand whose aesthetics and color it will embrace (six available) or for a model of any other manufacturer.

For unvarnished coffees with filters: Epos, by Melitta

Would you rather Slow Coffee than espresso? But don't want to sacrifice the flavor of your nectar? With Epos, Melitta offers a device (357 x 311 x 359 mm) that combines a grinder and a coffee maker.

For the former, it is possible to determine the fineness of the coffee to be ground, with three flavor intensities to choose from. For the second, a 360° rotating shower takes care of perfectly homogenizing the flow of water over the grind during coffee infusion. Coffee that can be kept warm for up to 40 minutes on the hot plate of the appliance. 319 euros.

Our opinion: Black and gold, Epos is a beautiful device with an extremely neat design. From two to eight cups, it allows you to combine a drip coffee maker and a grinder in a single machine. A duo that offers all the benefits of a tailor-made, freshly ground coffee.

For easy, tactile espressos: EP3226/40, by Philips

Do you want a coffee maker with a grinder without necessarily thinking you're a real barista and spending too much? The Philips EP3226/40 (246 x 371 x 433 mm) is available for four types of coffees (classic espresso, lungo espresso, classic coffee and Americano). It also allows you to select the number of cups to be served (one or two), but also to add the strength of the coffee, its length and its temperature.

Its pressure of 15 bar and its ceramic crusher (more resistant) are important quality criteria here. To make it easier to maintain, Philips offers to insert a filter into the removable water tank. Called Aquaclean (two copies are provided), it makes it possible to "postpone" the necessary descaling deadline to 5,000 cups. 499 euros.

Our opinion: Offering good value for money, this machine, admittedly with limited functions (it does not allow you to make milk drinks with a dedicated milk jug, but only to froth milk with its steam wand), has enough arguments to seduce espresso lovers. Be careful, like all coffee makers with a grinder, its removable coffee block requires weekly maintenance with a passage under clear water.

For 100% personalized nectars: Rivelia, De'Longhi

Doesn't everyone at home like the same type of coffee? Rich coffee or acidic coffee? Thanks to its two removable bean trays, the Rivelia by De'Longhi adapts to all palates.

With a pressure of 19 bars, it has a 3.5-inch touchscreen offering access to eight pre-programmed drinks (single or double espresso, lungo, Americano... up to cold coffee), the device also offers the possibility of storing up to four user profiles so that everyone can start making their favorite coffee with a simple touch, taking into account its intensity, length and temperature. A "Coffee Routine" function even allows you to prepare a particular coffee according to the time of its consumption (Morning, Noon, Later). 799 euros.

Our opinion: The animations on the screen of this coffee maker (which would have deserved to be tilted) are a bit gimmicky, but the device is well designed, with a reasonable footprint (245 x 430 x 385 mm) and with functions that can meet demanding expectations. Lovers of decas are not left out, a hatch allows you to use previously ground coffee, bought in packets.

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