Goggles with superpowers against the super headaches of mosquitoes and lice. Two people from Reims, Didier Janot and Antoine Quinzin, developed the Aloha concept, more than a technology or know-how, it is an innovation that they have patented. "It was a good idea that was originally the result of a futile reflection and that brought a smile to the face of the profession," says Didier Janot.

It was in contact with the world of chemistry that the co-founders of 15-1 Diffusion – a company based in Lyon, specialized and recognized in the licensing of prestigious brands in the optical sector – developed their concept. They use materials based on natural products in which "they have microencapsulated repellents, natural for lice, mosquitoes." Microencapsulation? A process that has been around for a long time, and makes it possible to preserve, in "oxygen-sealed capsules, the intact property, the integrity of the product that is put inside," explains the fifty-year-old.

Luxury projects coming soon

"When we make glasses with these materials and they are worn, there is a diffusion of the products around the material and it protects, it creates a barrier," continues Didier Janot. For the two entrepreneurs, "the scope of this patent is limitless." Because they realized that their process can be put "on any support: fabric, wood, leather, etc." In short, the possibility of creating a phone case or door handles to be antimicrobial.

The two co-founders of 15-1 Diffusion are already imagining other innovations. Kept secret, they concern luxury products in noble materials but also industry to bring new functionalities to solid materials, textiles, paints or gels. Thus, they plan "to open a research and design laboratory in Reims on their discovery and its variations".

First delivery of glasses in early 2024

Didier Janot assures us: "We make tailor-made products" both in terms of the concentration of the active ingredients and the material. And announces: "We are now able to do microencapsulation on a wire." He imagines "a mosquito repellent tent canvas, an anti-bed bug mattress".

Their innovation and their glasses augmented by microencapsulation were presented for the first time in September at the World Optics Show and most recently at the Made in France Show. The first deliveries of their magic glasses are scheduled for early 2024.

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