Russia's Rio FDS has launched a very small satellite to conduct cybersecurity research for satellites to uncover their vulnerabilities.

The Russian news agency (TASS) quoted a source in the company as saying today: This satellite, which is slightly larger than a box of matches, will conduct a study of the cybersecurity of satellites, and study the risks and vulnerabilities in them and identify them to remove them.

Nikita Tsaplin, general manager of Rio FDS, announced that the results of the work of this satellite will be presented to the scientific community, pointing out that he is confident that this information will make a significant contribution to the development of information security for satellites.

It is noteworthy that this satellite, which was launched into space on June 27, sent during its time in orbit more than 120,<> information packets, and set three records.

The company intends to make the most of the moon, which has an estimated life of only one year.

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