The Italian Competition Authority has launched an investigation against Meta-Instagram and influencer Asia Valente. In particular, the Authority writes, "Meta - contrary to the professional diligence required of social media platforms and its own conduct policies - allegedly failed to take appropriate measures to prevent the publication of potentially misleading messages on Instagram".

"Asia Valente would publish photos and videos of restaurants, spas, hotels and other tourist facilities on the social media channel, with which it is believed it may have business relations, without using any wording that highlights the promotional nature of this content."

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Asia Valente

In addition, "the influencer would boast considerable popularity based on a substantial number of followers, about 2 million, most of whom would seem inauthentic." Therefore, "Meta-Instagram would not provide adequate information on the existence and methods of use of the tool to mark branded content nor would it control the effective and correct use of this tool, especially in relation to promotional content published by extremely popular users, such as influencers. The company would not carry out checks on the authenticity of interactions on its platform in order to avoid the artificial collection of 'likes' and followers."