Specialists of the Russian company "Splav" have developed a new generation of unguided aerial missiles.

RT quoted a spokesman for Rostec, of which the company "Sblaf" is a branch, as saying that the 80-mm rocket got a super-efficient engine, noting that the missile designers were able to find solutions to a number of complex problems by manufacturing ammunition that destroys targets in the air, fortified facilities and hiding in forests.

The press service of "Rostec" said that for the first time the specifications of concrete and high-explosive munitions were combined in one air missile, as the missile surpasses in terms of its specifications all its Russian and foreign counterparts, while the small-sized rocket engine can form the basis for modern guided and unguided means of destruction.

For manufacturing the aforementioned missile, the company won an award (contribution to the design and production of products of special interest).

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