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What will come after the mobile phone? The new AI-powered interactive devices

It is applied to the jacket, projects information on the palm of the hand, is controlled by speaking or with finger gestures


TG1 - Francesco Di Mario

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, two former Apple employees, are leading Humane, the startup that launched Ai Pin, a device that aims to revolutionize the world of mobile phones.

It is a square accessory to be applied to a jacket or any dress, to replace a traditional smartphone. It does not have a screen but integrates ChatGPT's artificial intelligence that responds, with its voice, to users' questions, reads emails and provides directions on routes to reach a specific place. The only interface that Ai Pin considers is an information screen that is projected via a monochromatic laser onto the palm of the wearer's hand, which can also be pointed at a surface around it.