A roundabout way to collect donations that has already convinced thousands of users. On TikTok, a user created an augmented reality mini-game in early November to discreetly support Palestine, HuffPost reports.

With this very simple filter, users take on the role of a slice of watermelon that needs to collect its seeds. It hides a topical humanitarian cause: as its creator Jourdan Louise revealed, the profits received from this filter will be donated to several associations working in Palestine, such as Doctors Without Borders and the Palestine Children's Relief Fund.


USE THIS FILTER 🍉 to help the people of Gaza. As an AR creator, I am part of the Effect Creator Rewards program - basically like the creativity fund but for effect creators. This allows me to earn money for each unique video published using my effects*. I have created this FILTER FOR GOOD effect and will be donating the rewards earned to charities providing aid in Gaza. I know many of us don't know how to help, but it can be as simple as posting a video with this filter! *Effects only can start earning rewards once 200,000 people have posted a video using it, so we need 199,999 more — which seems like a lot but it can easily be achieved! Please comments, save, and share to boost and encourage everyone to use this filter 🍉 #newfilter #effecthouse #watermelon #free #blackgirlsintech #activism #augmentedreality #socialchange #filterforgood

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A watermelon that is not insignificant

It has been a success: the augmented reality filter has already been used in more than 4.4 million videos in just a few days. It will raise money for Palestinians through TikTok's Effect Creator Rewards fund, which allows creators to monetize their filter.

The fee can go up to $14,000 depending on the number of uses, The Verge says. To activate monetization, the filter must appear in at least 200,000 videos, which is already largely the case for Jourdan Louise's watermelon mini-game.

The influencer announced that she would share screenshots of the donations as soon as she received the money. It should be noted that the choice of watermelon for this game is not insignificant: since the flag of Palestine has been banned or controversial in many countries since the beginning of the war between Hamas and Israel, many Internet users are replacing it with watermelon, which has exactly the same colors, explains HuffPost.

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