The new Leica M11-P rangefinder camera (8950 euros) is the world's first digital camera to authenticate images in metadata according to the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the C2PA standard. In this way, the origin of a photo should be completely verifiable. After the M11 (2022) and the M11 Monochrom (2023), the M11-P is the third variant of this M generation. The P in the type designations of the Leica rangefinder cameras of the M-System has a long tradition: In 1956, the first MP appeared, a version of the M3 for professional (hence the abbreviation) photographers. This was followed by the analogue M4-P (1980) and the digital M9-P (2009) and M-P (2014). To this day, the fully mechanical MP introduced in 2003 is available for analogue photography (5550 euros).