• Banned from the streets of Paris since September 1, 2023, self-service scooters may boost the purchase of these two wheels, practical, and more ecological for our urban centers.
  • As the market develops, manufacturers offer models whose prices can vary from 150 to more than 1,500 euros.
  • The use of each must remain the first argument before equipping, the benefits of scooters for sale varying from simple travel to much more assiduous use.

Self-service scooters no longer have the wind in their sails. Nor in the capital, where they were withdrawn on 1 September. Nor in Marseille, where their days seem numbered. Already, 400,000 users would be destitute. Among them, many are not about to drop out and want to invest in a practical and non-polluting mode of transport, already adopted by 2.5 million people in France.

Not so easy: not all scooters respond to the same types of trips (occasional, daily, with or without intermediate transport). And while scooter rental by subscription is growing, offers to purchase are multiplying with rates ranging from simple to tenfold. By selecting for you four scooters sold from 279 euros to 1,799 euros, 20 Minutes advises you and allows you to compare.

The economical way to get started: E2 Plus E, from Segway-Ninebot

The manufacturer Segway-Ninebot signs with its new E2 Plus E, a relatively accessible and rather well equipped scooter.

Reserved for users weighing up to 90 kg and having short distances to travel (maximum range: 25 km, with its 220 W battery), this model, powered by a 300W motor (500W peak) will climb hills up to 15%. However, he will be uncomfortable on damaged roads.

The E2 Plus E, from Segway-Ninebot, is particularly interesting in the city with its 8.1-inch puncture-proof honeycomb tires that will better absorb small shocks, but also its three operating modes: Walk (5 km/h); Standard (up to 15 km/h); Sport (up to 25 km/h). Weighing 14.4 kg, it remains manageable in intermodality. Front light and reflectors contribute to the safety of its user. From 279 euros.

The secure way to get to the bhut: ES Series 5, from Acer

A recent player in the world of scooters, the manufacturer of computer products Acer offers with this ES Series 5 a scooter perfectly equipped for regular travel and weighing 18.5 kg.

Weighted with 10-inch tires, front / rear lighting, reflectors and an application allowing it to be locked with a single gesture, the machine offers a nice promise on the safety side. Parents can confidently apprehend it to equip their offspring for their return trips to college or high school.

Its driving, based on a 350 W rear motor (470 W peak), three speed modes, climbing hills up to 15°, a front and rear disc electronic brake, and a range of up to 65 km, will suit most users up to 100 kg. Otherwise its charging time a little long (eight hours), only it could lack a front suspension for a better absorption of road irregularities. EUR 499.

The muscular for large sizes: Electric Scooter 4 Ultra, from Xiaomi

The exciting design of Xiaomi's Electric Scooter 4 Ultra reveals a scooter equipped with a dual front/rear suspension system. In addition, 10-inch tires are available for a particularly smooth ride.

Under the cobblestones, the beach? Yes, we checked it during a test in the streets of Paris! With a power of 600 W (940 W peak), its motor, housed in the rear road allows it a certain nervousness, even for users of good size (up to 120 kg) and even in the hills (up to 16%). Four driving modes are available, from Pedestrian to Sport, to be selected on its central display.

Rather massive, this scooter is reserved for fairly long journeys, door to door, for which its autonomy up to 70 km and its wide plateau of 880 cm2 provide a feeling of comfort and security. Be careful, its weight of 24.5 kg makes it rather airtight to public transport, where it will be heavy and bulky. It is compatible with an application that quantifies the data of each route and estimates its remaining autonomy to the nearest kilometer. EUR 999.

The portable ultraportable for intermobility: KQi Air X, from Niu

Do you know carbon fiber? It is based on this woven material, three times stronger than aluminum, and which equips Formula 1, that Niu, Chinese manufacturer of scooters and electric scooters, has built its KQi Air X.

Result: mounted on 9.5-inch tires, this scooter weighs only 11.7 kg (40% less than a conventional scooter!) offers a level of portability that most do not have. It is ideal in intermodality to associate it with trips requiring the use of public transport.

But the mount, with a 350 W motor (700 W peak) and autonomy up to 50 km also has other arguments. Like its application, complete, which allows you to customize the use by choosing its startup mode; by modulating the charge of its battery according to its needs to extend its life; by dosing its acceleration modes, etc. The icing on the handlebars: the KQi Air X can even be unlocked using an NFC card allowing the only wearer of the sesame to drive it.

Pre-order on September 19 at 1,799 euros. Also available at 1,399 euros in KQi Air single version (11.9 kg, based on 70% carbon fiber and 30% magnesium).

What the law says

In France, the use of an electric scooter is only allowed for people aged 14 and over (since September 1, 2023). Like any motor vehicle, the scooter is subject to the subscription of a specific civil liability insurance contract in case of damage with others (the driver of an uninsured scooter is liable to a fine of up to 3,750 euros). Riding in pairs is also strictly prohibited (Decree No. 2019-1082 of 23 October 2019). Wearing a helmet is not mandatory in the city, but becomes so outside urban areas. We cannot recommend its use enough in any situation.

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