Anyone who followed the coverage of the IAA Mobility in Munich, which ended on Sunday, had to get the impression that the Chinese manufacturers would soon overrun Germany with their electric cars. Especially at the trade fair in Riem, BYD, MG and Co. were very present, but this was by no means the case in the city center at the many open spaces. For the flâneur, who was offered everything free of charge, the German car world was still in order, Mercedes-Benz, BMW/Mini, but also Porsche, VW and Audi still dominated with their very well-made appearances on the most beautiful squares in the city. Only BYD had driven up a phalanx of cars on Ludwigstraße.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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A little further away from the main action is the also very beautiful Königsplatz, where Ford and Tesla sought contact with the end customer, as well as Avatr and Xpeng from China with smaller stands. Xpeng is particularly interesting because it has recently started working with Volkswagen.

In Munich, Brian Gu, deputy chairman of Xpeng, announced that he will enter the German market in 2024 with the large sedan P7 and the no less small SUV G9. Not only will it be sold online, there will also be dealers. "Our success in Germany will determine our success in continental Europe," Gu told the press. So far, Xpeng sells its vehicles in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands in addition to China.

In Munich, the editorial team had the opportunity to drive the P7. The somewhat boring-looking 4,90-meter hatchback turned out to be a bit tight, but a wheelbase of almost three meters ensures good space in the rear. However, the trunk volume of 440 liters is only average for such a large car.

All-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive models are provided, the battery has a capacity of 86 kWh, which should be good for a range of almost 580 kilometers. Charging can be done at the DC station with 175 kW. The all-wheel-drive G4, which is also almost 90.9 metres long, can charge with up to 260 kW, and it also offers more cargo volume due to its design with 660 to almost 1600 litres. To do this, he wants to pamper with an air suspension.