• As the EU has decided, by the end of 2024, all electronic devices will have to have a USB-C port.
  • Apple is therefore abandoning the Lightning, in place since 2012.
  • What do our readers think? Opinions are divided.

Apple, which this week presented its last two smartphone models, is starting a small revolution. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will indeed be rechargeable via a USB-C cable, and no longer a Lightning, as was the case for Apple devices since 2012.

The Californian house thus complies with the requirements of the European Union, which has decided to impose for all electronic devices, by the end of 2024, a single cable (USB-C, therefore). Whether they are iPhone users or not, we asked our readers what they thought.

"It will simplify my life"

According to Franceinfo, more than 110 million smartphones would take dust in France in our closets. This suggests the number of chargers and cables that accompany them. So for some consumers, the use of a single thread for all models is welcome. "It's a measure that will really simplify my life, I couldn't get enough of all these cables that were lying around non-stop," says Sara, who responded to our call for witnesses.

iOS, Android... Paulo has never resigned himself to choosing between the two systems, and is now delighted. "It's great for those who have both an Android and an iPhone, finally the same charger!" Charles is more measured, but also happy: "I'm Team Samsung, but my wife is Team IPhone. So I see this universalization of chargers with a good eye, it will make fewer cables when we travel or when we are in the car. "

And if Penelope highlights the initiative, she still believes that this rapprochement could have happened much earlier. "It's a good idea, no need to go looking for a special charger or cable, no more hassle. But (...) it took almost thirty years to pass such a law. »

"Will have to manage additional stock"

This new European legislation aims in particular to reduce the amount of electronic waste, and to save consumers money. But this does not convince everyone. "I would have preferred to stay as is, because I already have several Lightning chargers and this will force me to buy more... " sighs Delphine.

"And to say that before, I had a stock of Lightning cables that fit me well and that I had for several years. Now, will have to manage a stock of additional USB-C cables, the time that the whole family is equipped with phones with this standard ... To end up throwing away my Lightning. In short, it's useless, what a waste," says Patrick.

"The end of an era"

Will this move to USB-C convince some to switch to Apple? In any case, this will not be the case for Françoise "I do not use an iPhone. This is snobbery, there is nothing that justifies exorbitant prices compared to other products. Their policy of non-repair, inventions to prevent repairs by independents such as changing screw threads, gluing the battery..., exasperate me. To see these people rushing in and queuing to buy the latest model is ridiculous," she says.

Patrick rightly questions the lifespan of chargers, "Mac and iPhone cables are a disaster, they never hold, they turn yellow, they crumble... ", the models are MFI certified by Apple, a label that guarantees their reliability.

In any case, consumers will have to deal with this new white thread. As Flavie and Patrice summarize, it is the "end of an era".

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