Fighting at Airbus. A hacker boasted on Monday on a dark web forum of having hacked the aircraft manufacturer and recovered sensitive commercial data, reports Numerama.

Informed of these statements, Airbus confirmed a leak this Thursday to the press. The group said it had an internal investigation and had taken steps to prevent all of its systems from being compromised.

Data recovered by chance?

"I gained access to the Airbus website using employee access from a Turkish airline," the hacker explains in his post. "It gave me access to a lot of things as well as their suppliers' data." A sample of the stolen information, in which the defense group Thales is cited, was shared on the forum, says Numerama.

It is very likely that the hacker did not intentionally target Airbus during his hack. But citing the group allows the hacker in these cases to give scope and visibility to the data he sells, even though the sensitivity of the stolen information is sometimes the result of chance.

If this time, it is through a partner that Airbus was compromised, data from the airline manufacturer had already been stolen in 2019 during a cyberattack against a German IT provider. This is also how hackers recovered data from Pôle emploi on August 23.

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