Russia has revealed that it is preparing future mission projects to both the moon and Mars based on a program to develop new rockets and spacecraft.

Russia Today quoted the Russian "Makeyev" Center for Space Industry as saying in a statement: "Our center is working on developing concepts for designing superheavy space rockets for use in future trips to the moon and Mars, in addition to developing multi-purpose hypersonic spacecraft.

The center's chief designer, Vladimir Digityar, explained that among the most important things that the center is currently working on is the development of several models of super-heavy space rockets, which can fly around the moon in the future, in addition to projects related to the lunar program, future missions to Mars, the development of multi-use spacecraft, and a project related to the observation of asteroids and celestial bodies that may affect the planet.

The Makeyev Center is one of the most important Russian institutions specialized in the development of space rockets and ballistic missiles, as Russia has been working for years to develop several models of rockets and vehicles that it will use in the future in its trips to the moon and Mars, such as the "Yanisiy" super-heavy rockets and the "Oryol" multi-use vehicles.

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