The spell checker of the iPhone will both adapt to your language and take into account the rude elements. This is the decision taken by Apple for its iOS 17 operating system. The American giant made this announcement during its traditional annual WWDC conference. "In the moments when you just want to type a rude word, the keyboard will learn that too," Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software engineering, told Techcrunch.

A tool that learns

To design this new tool, the Apple brand used artificial intelligence deployed as soon as it was typed on the iPhone keyboard. This will improve auto-correction, to the point that the device will be able to predict the next words or phrases the user wants to write. Over time, the AI will also learn the words most frequently used by the smartphone owner.

The algorithm will then integrate these new words into its lexicon, even if they are swearwords, insults or rude words. To develop this smart tool, Apple relied on a technology born in 2017 called "Transformer". It allows an artificial intelligence system to carry out complex reasoning.

Technology with many applications

"Transformer" had previously been used to create digital tools capable of actions as diverse as summarizing texts, composing music, analyzing a protein or classifying objects appearing in an image.

The new iOS 17 spell checker will be present in the latest version of Apple's operating system scheduled for deployment next fall. It will then be integrated into future iPhones. However, a test version of the tool is already available

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