The data leak in Tesla's secret catacombs, as far as can be seen, doesn't really upset anyone. The share price of the electric tightrope walker is stable at a high level, and there is no audible outcry among customers. Tesla's watches have been different for years, imagine what would happen if Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes-Benz had dangerous, even life-threatening incidents with their cars in significant numbers and kept silent about them. The nonchalance with which Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his entire company ignore technical deficits and untenable promises would be worth outrage and consistency in buyer behavior. Instead, the Tesla Model Y rushes to the top of the sales statistics, because apparently other values predominate.

But you have to know what you're getting into. A friend's Model 3 regularly brakes on the open road without any reason, and he now takes it with shrugging (gallows) humor. If the cases are addressed in the circle of friends, someone quickly interjects that his VW ID 3 brakes abruptly on the motorway, the autopilot discovers a 40 km/h speed limit sign in the passing descent. The author of these lines drove into the editorial office in the morning in a Mercedes-Benz, which applied emergency braking out of the blue spring sky on the open road. There is simply no assistance system in the world that reliably recognizes traffic signs anytime and anywhere. The consequence is clear: hands belong on the wheel, the driver in the driver's seat, attention to the traffic situation. And some people continue to dream of autonomous driving.