It is at the Autonomic show in Paris, dedicated to the care of PRM (people with reduced mobility), that Citroën presents the concept of the AMI, produced in collaboration with the company PIMAS, specialized in the transformation of vehicles for people with motor disabilities. Even better: not one, but two solutions have been unveiled.

One seat only

The first idea is quite basic. In the case where the disabled person is a simple passenger, the AMI is equipped on the rear side with a system comparable to a simple bike carrier, or a wheelchair is hung up for the duration of the car journey. The most successful solution, on the other hand, is intended for disabled people who take the wheel. In addition to the adapted controls, the Citroën AMI is, like the Cargo version, rid of the passenger seat, where a wheelchair storage system is installed.

The manufacturer does not announce any concrete marketing plan, but says that it is possible if the public interest is sufficient. Of course, the transformation would also be possible for the Opel Rocks-e and the future Fiat Topolino. We hope that this will succeed, because it would be a really affordable mobility solution, for PRMs from 16 years old.

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