An electric prototype of the legendary Caterham Seven developed! And this without sacrificing what makes the salt of its cars, since this perfectly functional prototype only accuses ... 700 kg at weighing, just 70 kg more than the equivalent model with a combustion engine. Here the engine is mounted at the rear, and it announces the very reasonable characteristics of 243 hp and 250 Nm.

The batteries are installed under the hood and in the central tunnel. Very reasonable characteristics again, with a capacity of 51 kWh, and fast charging up to 152 kW. According to Caterham, this battery allows a 20-15-20 cycle of use. In other words, 20 minutes on the circuit, then 15 minutes of charging, then again 20 minutes at the bottom. And that's where it gets interesting.

Yet Caterham is not going to produce it!

The intensive use of the Caterham is only made possible by its specific, "immersion cooling" batteries. The cells are bathed in a dielectric fluid that keeps them at a manageable temperature, even when you "tap into it". This is also why Caterham does not intend to produce this electric Seven.

This prototype is a rolling lab, which is used to evaluate the requirements of an electric model adapted to the usual use of the brand's customers. The Caterham 7 EV will however be present at the next Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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