The Gwennhadu'Flash mobile application for fans of the Breton flag is available for download on your smartphones since Wednesday. Developed by the local butter brand Nature de Breton, it offers a game that rewards the best users by offering them gifts that are also Breton. Among the lots are indeed clothes signed Armor-Lux or tickets for the festival of Old Ploughs, details TF1 Info.

The farther it is, the more it pays off

To play, you have to go hunting for Breton flags. As soon as the user spots one, he must scan it with his phone via the Gwennhadu'Flash app. He then scored a number of points proportional to the distance between the flag and Quimper (Finistère), where the headquarters of Nature de Breton was located. Some players could quickly score particularly high.

The Gwenn-ha-du, which means "white and black" in Breton, is indeed present everywhere, not only in France, but also outside our borders. It is a visual that can be seen in concerts, sporting events, campsites, and even... a meeting of Barack Obama, said Nature de Breton. The flag was imagined a hundred years ago by the Breton nationalist Morvan Marchal.

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