GPT chat creator Sam Altman doesn't take kindly to the restrictions of his conversational robot based on artificial intelligence (AI). He has also embarked on a tour that brings him to express himself on the subject and explain the benefits of algorithms in countries on five continents. He was present in London (United Kingdom) on Wednesday and did not mince his words about the future IA Act of the European Union (EU).

European laws in Sam Altman's sights

Faced with the regulatory projects of the European authorities, he brandished the specter of a withdrawal of his company OpenAI and the ChatGPT tool from the Old Continent if the rules adopted proved too strict. Sam Altman spoke of the possibility of "ceasing to operate" in Europe and explained that he had many reservations about the mechanisms that the EU was preparing to put in place.

"We will try [to comply] but there are technical limits to what is possible," commented Sam Altman, who assured however that he was in favor of a GPT Chat framework. His meetings with heads of state, business leaders, elected officials and decision-makers from around the world come at a time when the G7 decided to create an AI working group. Italy has also temporarily suspended ChatGPT for siphoning data.

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