• Dyson has just launched its new vacuum cleaner, the gen5detect, sold for nearly 1,000 euros.
  • Its price, which may seem excessive for what remains a maintenance device, is justified according to Dyson by the suction power, autonomy and filtration quality of the machine.
  • On trial, it keeps its promises, even if its weight can, sometimes, prove to be a handicap.

Let's get rid of the question that annoys: that of the price of Dyson's new gen5detect vacuum cleaner. At 999 euros, the price of this new model will leave more than one stunned. We are. However, it seemed interesting to test the one that its manufacturer describes as "the most powerful HEPA vacuum cleaner" and check if the quality promised by Dyson was indeed there.

After the V15 vacuum cleaner...

To test the gen5detect, our "lab" will be none other than our household, a small suburban pavilion of 90 m2. Nothing like investing its rooms whose tiled floors and parquet floors are, here covered with thick carpets, there with raz carpets. Where furniture and trinkets flood in, and homeowner's procrastination keeps him away from the chore of cleaning. Weary! Which owner, however, has been in the habit of carrying out its routine maintenance for years with the Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner, the elder of the gen5detect ... of which he is rather happy.

A long nozzle in the pipe...

The gen5detect innovates by housing a brush inside its suction hose. Simply unclip the latter to make the utensil dedicated to suction appear on areas that are difficult to access, or even fragile. We think above a chest of drawers, the TV stand... It was time for the accessory (called "long sucker"), of a convenient use and allowing to progress in his household more quickly, to see the light of day at Dyson: many brands already offer it!

Smart brush

The two main brushes of the gen5detect are motorized and logically accompany us in most of our cleaning session. No major innovation concerning them. The Motorbar brush, always eager for the stain, swallows up the dirt found on all floors. The glutton passed without problem on a thick living room carpet, filling the vacuum cleaner collector with a thousand and one filaments of wool in a few seconds. Intelligent, this brush also has the merit of adapting the suction power to the floor it encounters: moderate on tiles, parquet or lino, it strengthens as soon as a carpet or carpet arises. It is very effective.

Laser dust

The second brush is Dyson's famous Fluffy Optic brush, the one that, equipped with a laser beam, reveals the dust to be vacuumed. Shaving the ground, a beam of light reveals clouds of invisible particles, in addition to small dirt visible to the naked eye. Appearing on the V15 Detect, Dyson has improved it by doubling the length of its green ray: 30 cm now. Activated in the bedroom, the Fluffy Optic revealed the apocalypse, revealing on the floor a real overlay of microparticles invisible to the naked eye (see our video).

25% more powerful engine

But the real novelty of this gen5detect is its brand new engine. Smaller, it is especially 25% more powerful than its predecessor. This is felt as soon as the device is implemented, and on all surfaces.

Its noise level is less pronounced than that of the V15, and we feel that with it, the aspi really has it under the hood. Where our cleaning sessions with the V15 were mostly in "Auto" mode (the suction mode automatically adapts to the nature of the surfaces), we sometimes had to switch to "Eco" mode so that the gen5dect does not tear the carpet from the entrance of the floor, nor those of the bathroom ...

Particle filtration

It is also on the filtration side that Dyson focuses with its gen5dect which is, for the first time, equipped with a HEPA filter. Previously, Dyson sucked particles down to 0.3 microns. This time, it's 0.1 microns, with particles the size of a virus. For comparison, the diameter of a hair is 70 microns! Thanks to its piezoelectric sensors, the gen5detect counts in real time what it absorbs, which is displayed live on its screen. Gadget? In use, one can find an interest when the particle counter has ceased to panic and conclude that the surface sucked in is really clean. Enough to do his cleaning thoroughly.

A weight that ends up weighing

Thoroughly, yes, and thoroughly the elbow grease, too! Because in addition to its qualities, Dyson's gen5detect still has a flaw: its weight. With 3.5 kg, it weighs 400 grams more than the V15. Explanations from the manufacturer: the battery, with a reinforced autonomy of 70 minutes (10 minutes more than before), is also heavier! In the end, it only took us about thirty minutes to brick our home.

The collector full, only remained to empty it over a garbage can. However, we advise you to carry out this operation outside, dust can flutter. Too bad Dyson doesn't have a docking station like Samsung's Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, which has a "clean" dump base.

Still, the gen5detect offers great comfort of use. Flexible, maneuverable, its suction power seems incommensurate with what we knew, especially on the V15. Not only did it make us feel like we were cleaning faster, but it also better. Remainder... that he will eventually tire a little. Still passes when vacuuming the floors (the vacuum cleaner is in support), it is especially when it is used freehand, where all its weight is transferred to the wrist, that its handling can become restrictive. Successively cleaning furniture and shelves with the small built-in brush, then the sofa and armchairs with the motorized mini-brush ends up becoming disabling. The same operation with the tip of a classic sled vacuum cleaner is less harsh!

Hence the question: rather than playing the one-upmanship, could this vacuum cleaner not benefit from a battery with a lower autonomy, which is lighter and... that the proposed device is, therefore, less expensive?

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