The Italian Intelligence selects new cyber 007. Until June 30th you can submit your application for the various open positions on the site. The Information System for the Security of the Republic "constantly selects the best resources to be placed at the service of the country, for the protection of national security and for the protection of strategic interests in the political, military, economic, scientific and industrial fields", explains a message.

The search call is aimed at young professionals with training and skills in the following areas: algorithmics for cryptanalysis; photointerpretation of satellite images; Machine learning techniques for biometric recognition. In addition to technical skills, "reliability and security, a strong sense of responsibility and attachment to state institutions, as well as proven confidentiality skills" are required.

At the end of a preliminary curricular screening, candidates will be subjected to the required selection procedures, including verification of the possession of adequate professional knowledge and skills, psycho-physical and aptitude suitability and the indicated requirements of reliability and safety. In the case of recruitment, the professional qualification awarded will take into account the results of the selection, the qualifications and professional experience of the candidate. Applications are open until 24 on 30 June 2023.

The possibility of submitting other applications through the online procedure of the 'Work with us' section is always open. The professional profiles of greatest attention at the moment in relation to the sectors of intervention are those of analyst (in the geopolitical field, the fight against the phenomena of terrorism and subversion); expert in the economic field (golden power, green economy and energy transition); connoisseur of rare languages and dialects of area; cyber security technician and drone field; expert in informative research.

Even spontaneous applications acquired through the online platform will be subjected to the normal selection process, preordained to identify the resources that best meet the specific needs of employment. The targeted search for professionalism also takes place through collaboration with the best national universities.