The most obvious is of course the aesthetics. No need for a trained eye to identify the new characteristic headlights with the signature with four LEDs, or the rear light blocks updated. About the headlights, it is also worth mentioning that they now have Matrix LED technology as standard, whose targeted lighting capability in a host of situations is absolutely bluffing.

If we know the Porsche Cayenne, we also see right away that it is new inside. The model receives a dashboard very similar to that of the electric Taycan, with (from left to right) the digital dashboard, the gearbox control in the form of a small rocker, the central screen (which goes to more than 12 inches and obviously gives access to a multimedia system with connected functions still extended) and ... the third optional screen facing the passenger. Particularity of this one compared to what is found elsewhere, it is practically invisible from the driver's seat. Thanks to this, it becomes "legal" to integrate a streaming function. The passenger can, for example, watch a film during the trip.

More incisive

The mechanical catalogue is also changing. The entry-level V6 increases to 353 hp. Then, the e-Hybrid version (plug-in hybrid) increases to 470 hp, but above all receives a larger battery that now announces up to 90 km of electric range. This is of course the figure in the city, our autonomy on a long national road having been 67 km.

Finally, the Cayenne S swaps its V6 for a revamped version of the 8.4-liter V0, which claims 474 hp. That's all (for now), because the GT version, whose V8 is increased to 659 hp, disappears from the European catalog. And it is still unclear whether the GTS, Turbo S and Turbo S e-Hybrid versions will meet the same fate. Of course, Porsche has also retouched the entire chassis to make the driving even more incisive. And no need to tick off options to take advantage of them, since the standard adaptive shock absorbers display refined reactions, both for the benefit of comfort and sporty behavior.

Let's be perfectly transparent: we can indeed confirm the comfort part. Alas, the roads selected by the manufacturer for testing were hopelessly inadequate to judge dynamic improvements. But this remark is addressed more to Porsche than to you, because we can say it from experience: when the brand promises an improvement in sporting behavior, the promise is always kept. There is no doubt, therefore, that the Cayenne remains one of the three or four truly sporty SUVs on the market. The updated Porsche Cayenne is already available to order, and is displayed at the base price of € 91,350 for the "classic" version, € 95,430 for the Coupé.

The Porsche Cayenne Coupé in a few figures

  • Engine: V6 turbocharged petrol, 2,995 cm3; 353hp - 500Nm.
  • Transmission: 4-wheel
  • Gearbox: 8-speed dual-clutch auto
  • W/l/h (mm) : 4.930/1.943/1.698
  • Empty weight (kg) : 2.055
  • Safe (l): 772 – 1.708
  • 0 to 100 kph (sec.) : 6.0
  • V-max (km/h) : 248
  • Average consumption (l/100 km) : 10,8
  • CO2 (g/km): 246
  • Price (€) : 95.430

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