Our first reflex when we discovered the images was a sigh of relief. Because unlike some recent productions of the brand, the Series 5 is aesthetically reassuring. Both very "BMW" in its front part (without overbidding in the dimensions of the nostrils) and modern in its rear part, this generation is in our opinion a very good vintage. Note that we chose images of the electric version i5, but the petrol versions differ little more than in the open grille, trimmed with vertical strips.

The interior atmosphere is very refined, with the double screen of instruments and multimedia, the latter being highlighted by a tactile surface. There are also a few controls at hand, as an extension of the central armrest.

No 6 cylinders (yet)

At launch, BMW will offer 4 versions of the 5. Of course, there are the i5s, one with a single engine (on the rear axle) of 340 hp and 400 Nm, the other with two engines (4x4) of 500 hp and 795 Nm. They share the same 84.3 kWh battery, which gives them ranges of 497-582 km and 455-516 km respectively. Fast charging up to 205 kW can increase battery level from 20 to 80% in 30 minutes.

For those who do not want electric, the choice will be limited to 4 cylinders, but there is diesel on the program. The 520i announces 208 hp, 5.7 l/100 km and 130 gCO2/km. The figures for the 520d are 197 hp, 5.1 l/100 km and 133 gCO2/km (5.3 l and 143 g for the xDrive version).

Europe is unfortunately deprived of the 6-in-line petrol of the 540i, but BMW announces the launch of a 6-cylinder diesel in 2024, as well as a plug-in hybrid version. 2024 will also see the arrival of the estate versions, and of course the M5 hybrid, for which we are already talking about more than 700 hp. Launches of the 5 Series and i5 are expected before the end of the year. Prices are not yet known.

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