Been to Ken Okuyama? We suspected it a little. On the other hand, it is enough to be a car enthusiast to know one of his greatest works. He created it at the time when he was one of the main designers of Pininfarina, and at a time when a famous Italian brand was still closely linked to the famous design office. Okuyama is indeed "the father" of the Ferrari Enzo. Just that!

Exclusive production

Now set up on his own, the Japanese has just created this rolling sculpture, which pays tribute to the Maserati Tipo 61 (known as "Birdcage", bird cage, because of its tube chassis), a competition car produced from 1959 to 1961. It is also inspired by the 2005 Birdcage concept, created by Maserati to honour the 75th anniversary of the Tipo 61. But the Kode61 is perhaps closer to the original, because without a roof and even a windshield, it is fully in the competitive spirit of the time.

On what basis is this unique bodywork based? Mystery. In any case, there is a combustion engine (as evidenced by the exhaust outlets), and a manual gearbox. The only ones to know will be the lucky few who will offer themselves one of these jewels. The designer confirmed that the Kode61 Birdcage would be produced – by hand of course – in very small series.

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